"Freedom of speech is not only the boon but the basis of democracy--not only the gift but the guarantee of liberty and security--not only the privilege but the protection of the people" - William Randolph Hearst.
About the Program

The Hearst Journalism Awards Program is presented annually under the auspices of the Association of Schools of Journalism and Mass Communication (ASJMC) with full-funding by the William Randolph Hearst Foundation. The program's mission is to encourage and support excellence in journalism and journalism education in America's colleges and universities.
The 2013 Winners

WRITING: Charles Scudder, Indiana University,   $5,000 award

PHOTOJOURNALISM: Susannah Kay, Ohio,  $5,000 award

RADIO:  Emanuele Berry, Michigan State, $5,000 award

TELEVISION: John Genovese, ASU, $5,000 award

MULTIMEDIA: Sam Wilson, Montana, $5,000 award
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